2021 Scholarships Recipients

Congratulations to our 2021 Scholarship Winners!

Mayasia Elliston
Senior, State University of New York

“Having the skills is not the only thing that is of importance to me, I also want to enjoy the work I do. Once I started taking my accounting classes, last semester, I was fully on board. Accounting has a good balance of numbers and concepts, so I can grasp it very well and easily. I am sure I can be very strong in this field.”

Maya King
Sophomore, George Mason University

“I am very interested in Accounting and Finance because I would like to change the current portrayal of what it is to be an accountant. I would like to see more black women in the finance and accounting fields, and I think that change begins with more black women entering the glorious field of Accounting and Finance.”

Ilona Lavender
Freshman, Chaffey College

“I finally realized that I could do anything that I put my mind to. I was determined to be a role model for my daughter, and to teach her that she could do whatever she wanted in life. For my future and my daughter’s future, I would like to become a CPA or CFB. I plan to graduate with honors from Chaffey College and transfer to complete my bachelor’s degree in accounting. I am excited about the journey.”

Jacqueline Negrete
Post Grad, CS Polytechnic University

“All of my experiences in accounting have assisted me greatly in my current employment. I've learned to become a leader, someone who is comfortable in a professional setting and a person who works well with their colleagues. I strongly believe that this opportunity will prepare me in my further endeavors as an accountant.”

Aalani Richardson
Junior, UC, Riverside

“My interest in Finance begins with my paternal grandmother... My grandmother and many of my other relatives are all extraordinarily hard-working individuals who taught me the true meaning of entrepreneurship, work ethic, and business....I specifically chose business economics, because not only do I want to attain proficient financial and accounting skills, but I also want to understand money at both the most basic and advanced levels.”