2022 Scholarships Recipients

Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Winners!

Reyna Clark
Freshman, Cal Lutheran University, CA

“Becoming a Forensic Accountant has been my career aspiration.. As such, my goal is to graduate with a degree in accounting. I like to help people, and Forensic Accountants can help people solve financial crimes and help them build business processes that make companies stronger. I believe that Forensic Accounting would be a rewarding career.”

Shakira Drummond
Sophomore, Santa Monica College, CA

“I started taking my very first accounting class and I was so shocked to find out how amazing I was at it. I passed every single assignment, exam, class activity, literally everything with a 100%. It was at that moment that I knew that Finance was the field for me. A career in finance became my biggest motivator.”

Tynisha Finley Postgraduate, Azusa Pacific University, CA

“It is my goal, with this degree, to teach financial literacy, in addition to helping minorities and small business owners during tax season. Many in my community and family are unsure of how to save and even struggle with managing their day-to-day finances. That is going to change.”

Carmieshra Gorman Freshman, Santa Monica College, CA

“I took my first steps on my journey to studying formal accounting at Santa Monica College. Now, I am even more fascinated by the way accounting can help me as I work to improve businesses and the lives of others. From my experience at Santa Monica College, I now understand why accounting can be more than just a way to pay the bills.”

Niresha Motley
Senior, University of Houston-DT, TX

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong passion to pursue Accounting and Taxation. My goal is to graduate from UHD with my BBA in Accounting, then go onto working on my Master’s Degree in accounting. Being a Certified Public Accountant is the goal. I can do it, especially with the fellowship of A.B.W.A.”

Brianna Neal
Junior, Ball State University, IN

“I realized early on the importance of being a woman of color in the accounting industry. Accountants are highly respected business professionals, and I am looking forward to becoming a trusted accountant as well. I want the day to come that I’m able to create an organization or firm that can help further the career path and knowledge of the minority.”

Leisha Smith
Sophomore, Santa Monica College, CA

“Accounting isn’t just a “desk job”. Accountants play such a key essential role in businesses, by analyzing statements to help decision-makers come to informed decisions, provide preparation and outlooks, ensure statutory compliance, keep records of expenses and incomes, etc. There is an abundance of opportunities.”