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ABWA Board Member Marjorie McPike Speaks on #CoolestProfessionAround as an Attendee of the CalCPA State Committees and Council Annual Meeting

CalCPA State Committees and Council met in Monterey, CA, from August 1 to August 4, 2023. Initially, thinking about how much time I would not be able to work, I was hesitant. However, once I got on the plane, connected with other CPAs, and talked about what I am doing in my firm and the future of accounting, I was happy I decided to attend.

Starting with the flight from San Diego, I connected with other California CPAs through my flight home. This is huge. As previously mentioned, I noticed that everyone does not have the same journey in accounting. There are many avenues to completing your degree, and the options are endless once you graduate.

It can be intimidating walking into a room with so much knowledge and experience. However, I encourage you all to go for it. You do not know someone else’s journey or what others are feeling. Just be yourself and enjoy getting to know others and making new connections. We are all unique and have something to bring to the table. Remember, you deserve to be in the room if you were invited. Speak up and fill the space.


While at Council, I submitted my nomination and was elected to the Board of CalCPA. I am excited about this opportunity to help shape the future of the accounting profession and provide input to CalCPA on how we can increase the pipeline and show that CPAs are the #CoolestProfessionAround.

Precious Opaleke, CPA, also attended the State Committee Meetings as the Co-Chair of the Estate Planning Committee for the Inland Empire Chapter and part of the Emerging Professionals State Committee. Kathy Johnson, CPA, CFF, CGMA, MBA, attended as a Council Representative, Education Foundation Board Director, and a member of the Forensics State Committee. For more about CalCPA membership, here.