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ABWA Sponsors Student Member to Attend 2023 CalCPA Elevate Leadership Forum

In today’s rapidly evolving world, empowering the next generation of leaders, especially women, is paramount. Events like the CalCPA Elevate: Women’s Leadership Forum 2023 provide a unique opportunity for aspiring female professionals. The opportunity enhances skills, gain valuable insights, and establish a strong network. 

This event is designed for professionals at all levels, including CPAs, attorneys, financial professionals, and young emerging professionals looking to support women’s leadership, grow their network, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Importance of Sponsorship

Alliance of Black Women Accountants believes sponsoring a student to attend this forum contributes to their personal growth and fosters gender equality and diversity in the business world. ABWA sponsored student member Tatiana DePante to attend the two-day event in April this year. Tatiana is a graduate accounting student and recently accepted a new position at TMS International LLC

Tatiana expressed: “I was extremely honored to have the scholarship extended to me to attend the CalCPA Women’s Elevate Conference. It was an astonishing experience to be around so many powerful women, especially black women in executive leadership and as CPAs. In Pittsburgh, that’s one of the biggest disparities is women as myself not being represented in the accounting field. It was an inspiring event that I will forever be grateful for as it has given me opportunities to network with women who could help take my career to the next level.”

The Benefits

There is vast significance in sponsoring a student for CalCPA Elevate: Women’s Leadership Forum 2023; it benefits both the individual and society.

  1. Empowering Female Students: By sponsoring a student to attend the CalCPA Elevate: Women’s Leadership Forum 2023, we play a crucial role in empowering young women. Many talented female students face barriers when accessing professional development opportunities. This sponsorship enables them to overcome these obstacles and acquire valuable skills, knowledge, and inspiration for future success. By investing in their growth, we contribute to breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality in the workplace.
  2. Enhancing Leadership Skills: Attending the Women’s Leadership Forum equips students like Tatiana with essential leadership skills that will shape their careers. The event features renowned speakers, interactive workshops, and panel discussions, providing a platform for learning and growth. Students gain insights into various aspects of leadership, such as effective communication, strategic thinking, and decision-making. These skills benefit individuals and empower them to become influential leaders and change agents in their communities.
  3. Building a Network of Support: One of the most valuable aspects of the CalCPA Elevate: Women’s Leadership Forum is the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build a support network. Through sponsorship, students gain access to a diverse community of professionals, mentors, and peers. This network offers mentorship, guidance, and potential career opportunities, creating a solid foundation for their future endeavors. By facilitating these connections, ABWA contributes to the growth and success of aspiring women leaders, fostering a supportive and inclusive professional environment.
  4. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to a thriving and innovative business landscape. Sponsoring a student to attend the Women’s Leadership Forum sends a powerful message about our commitment to promoting diversity within Accounting, Financial, and Business industries and beyond. We create a more inclusive and equitable society by enabling underrepresented individuals to participate in such events. Encouraging diverse voices and perspectives benefits organizations, fostering creativity, innovation, and better decision-making.

Our Why

Sponsoring a student to attend the CalCPA Elevate: Women’s Leadership Forum 2023 is a significant investment in the future of female leadership and the broader pursuit of gender equality. By empowering aspiring women professionals, enhancing their leadership skills, and fostering a supportive network, ABWA strives to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse business landscape. Investing in the growth and development of talented students ultimately benefits society. Together, we can build a future where women leaders thrive and contribute to positive change in their fields and communities. ABWA looks forward to another year of sponsorship in 2024.