Scholarship Luncheon Sponsors

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of our Annual Scholarship Award Luncheons over the past three years, we are filled with immense gratitude and pride. Since our inaugural event in 2021, the Alliance of Black Women Accountants (ABWA) has consistently witnessed an inspiring wave of support and generosity from our esteemed sponsors. Their collective contributions, exceeding $80,000, have been pivotal in not only elevating each luncheon but, more importantly, in reinforcing our mission of empowering, supporting, and mentoring women of color in the accounting and finance profession. These sponsorships have enabled ABWA to award 19 scholarships, significantly impacting the lives and careers of our recipients. With each year, our attendance has grown, mirroring the expanding circle of our community and supporters.

We appreciate the unwavering dedication of each sponsor, attendee, and well-wisher. Your participation has been a cornerstone in the success of these events, allowing us to further our vision and create meaningful opportunities for aspiring professionals. We eagerly anticipate continuing this legacy of excellence and community support in our future luncheons.