ABWA Mentorship Program

The Alliance of Black Women Accountants Mentorship Program facilitates a collaborative relationship between our experienced professional members(mentors) and enrolled accounting/finance students and emerging professionals(mentees). Professional mentors will assist by providing networking opportunities, raising awareness about internships, offering guidance on best practices for career development, and exposing mentees to the day-to-day components of a particular position. Most importantly, professional mentors will guide mentees on how to be leaders in the accounting/finance industry.

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” Shawn Hitchcock


Provide mentees with knowledge and encouragement by sharing experiences in accounting and finance that reinforces and enhances the specific knowledge and skills gained through their educational programs.

Create a supportive environment for mentees to openly discuss their academic or career-related challenges, facilitating collaborative brainstorming sessions to explore potential solutions.

Provide networking opportunities for mentees to learn about best practices in their specific concentration. For instance, mentors will encourage mentees to attend general meetings and networking events hosted by ABWA or their partners.

Provide mentees with exposure to resources for potential internship and employment opportunities based on partnerships with organizations and employers.

"Our vision is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community of empowered accounting and finance professionals, where mentorship becomes a cornerstone of excellence."


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Benefits in Joining ABWA Mentorship as a Mentee

Have access to resources unavailable to their peers.
Mentees will receive first-hand experiences in connecting theories learned in the classroom to the business world.
Deepen their understanding of the requirements for success in the accounting and finance professions.
Gain confidence while enhancing professional skills.

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Apply to Join Our Mentorship Program as a Mentor

Are you an experienced professional in accounting or finance? Your expertise and guidance can make a significant difference in shaping the future of aspiring women in these fields. We invite you to become a mentor in our dynamic mentorship program.

Benefits for ABWA Professionals

• Continued development and enhancement of leadership skills.
• Opportunity to impact the lives of others in a meaningful way.
• Assist students with career goals.

Recruitment: We continuously seek diverse, experienced professionals to enrich our mentorship program. Your unique experiences and expertise are invaluable.
Commitment / Duration: This is a year-long commitment, fostering deep, impactful connections.
Meetings: Engage in monthly meetings, each lasting about an hour, to guide and support your mentee.
Impact: Increase the exposure to opportunities and ability of your mentee to succeed through sharing your experience as well as resources available through the ABWA membership.
Feedback for Future: Your insights are crucial. At the program's end, a survey will help us enhance its effectiveness and your experience as a mentor.


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